Area of operations

Regular regional services within the framework of the VBN, in the rural districts of Osterholz, Cuxhaven as well as in the state of Bremen; Daily transport of approx. 1,400 pupils. Local services: Neuenkirchen - Schwanewede - Beckedorf - Löhnhorst - Eggestedt - Heilshorn - Osterholz-Scharmbeck - Buschhausen - Garlstedt - Hagen - Uthlede - Lehnstedt - Wulsbüttel - Hoope - Platjenwerbe - Vegesack - Blumenthal - Bad Bederkesa.

Operational management of call and collect taxi services (AST) in the general municipality of Schwanewede.

In holiday traffic, long-distance coaches travel to destinations throughout Europe. Groups, companies and associations from Germany and abroad are among our customers.

Tour operator, Urlaub & Reisen, transport 32,000 passengers each year as part of their commitment as a managing partner. Book tours - cultural tours - round trips - short trips -city tours - ticket service - musicals. Ask for our bus travel catalogue.

Travel agencies are located in Schwanewede - Blumenthal - City of Bremen. Distribution of all large package organisers (TUI, Neckermann, ITS), Helgoland Travels - group service.

International scheduled services to Königsberg. Implementation with an equal partner. Weekly departures.

24-hour recovery service with 1 towing vehicle, recovery and towing.


We are successful in these areas:

  1. Our main areas are travel, scheduled services and rented buses with 60 buses (34 coaches and 26 regular buses and combined buses).

  2. Our 3 travel agencies are located in Bremen, Pieperstraße 16, in Blumenthal at Weserstrandstraße 13 next to the chemist's shop Rossmann and at Heidkamp 49. These offices sell flight, ship and coach travel offers for individuals, companies and groups and they always have interesting offers for their customers.

  3. Our segment for Eastern Europe with special scheduled services to Russia and Kaliningrad. We work closely with partners from these countries.

  4. Our group department individually organises special trips for small and large groups, be it a flight, a bus trip or a ship journey worldwide, e.g. a bus trip to Prague, a flight to Canada; Or would you like to go and see a musical with your group? We will be glad to advise you with this.

  5. Our workshop that specialises in customer service, maintenance and repair of our own vehicles, as well as those of others. The workshop also includes its own recovery and towing service, which operates 24 hours a day.

  6. Our rental bus department that transports large groups, companies, schools, clubs and many other guests from A to B, whether 8, 40, 100, 1,000 or 2,000 persons - no problem for us.

  7. Our accounting that is in charge of wages, billing, statistics, and much more.

  8. Our cleaning squad that is responsible for keeping the buses clean.

  9. Our regional scheduled services. Here, we transport approx. 1,400 pupils and adults. We plan the operation of scheduled vehicles and the billing of VBN tickets.

  10. The Management
    • Hinrich von Rahden, Managing Director
    • Cornelia von Rahden, Managing Director
    • Jan Peer von Rahden works at the Schwanewede office. He is responsible for insurances, invoicing, towing and controlling.
    • Michael von Rahden works at the workshop. He is responsible for the purchase of spare parts, planning of MOT dates, towing service and the technology of vehicles.

But what would a management be without good and loyal employees who identify with their company and stand up for it in good, as in bad times? For this, heartfelt thanks to all our drivers, workshop staff, cleaning squad and office employees from the family von Rahden, as well as from Urlaub & Reisen.

We would like to thank our customers, companies, associations, groups and schools, who ensure that our buses keep rolling and that we and our employees can work for them - according to our motto "p d f o" - pleasantly different from others.